Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce extension

The Queensland Government has extended the Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce’s reporting timelines at the request of the Taskforce Chair, the Honourable Margaret McMurdo AC.

The Taskforce will now report on how best to legislate against coercive control in November, an extension of one month, and it’s second report, that will examine women and girl’s experiences in the criminal justice system, will be delivered in June 2022 (previously March 2022).

Ms McMurdo said:

“As a consultative taskforce, it is essential that the Women’s Safety and Justice Taskforce hears from as many Queenslanders as possible. COVID-19 lockdowns have detrimentally impacted upon the Taskforce’s ability to engage with Queenslanders across the state.

“In the absence of further pandemic related restrictions, this additional time will enable the Taskforce to continue its planned consultation with more stakeholders and people with lived experience.

“The Taskforce has also received over 700 submissions—mostly from women with lived experience of domestic, family and sexual violence. These brave women must have their voices heard and their submissions properly considered.

“Once our work on how best to legislate against coercive control has been finalised, the Taskforce will focus on identifying and examining specific themes concerning the experience of women and girls in the criminal justice system.  

“The extension will provide a more realistic opportunity to meaningfully examine these identified themes.”

Contact information

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